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Jersey Girl (Sticks & Hearts #1)(6)
Rhonda James

Meanwhile, she remains in a kneeling position. Her hair is tousled a bit more from me burying my hands in those silky strands, and her nipples peek at me through the scrap of material covering them. I can feel her staring, and no matter how hard I fight it, I turn to face her. Her legs are slightly parted, and my eyes rake down her body, coming to rest on the juncture between her thighs. Fuck, is that moisture on her shorts? Suddenly, my hand is in my mouth, and I'm biting down hard on my fingers to keep from screaming.

"No, he won't. He doesn't have to know about this. It can be our little secret. Come back over here and join me." She grins devilishly, revealing two beautiful dimples, and it's all I can do to swallow the knot forming in my throat. Girls with dimples drive me absolutely wild, though this girl managed to do that all on her own. I can tell she's turned on by the breathless sounds that fall past her perfect lips and her pert breasts rise and fall with each labored breath. Like an idiot, I remain rooted, unable to turn away. I stand there, my erection thickening, and stare as she slowly draws her hand between her legs and begins touching herself.

I practically choke on my next words as I fight for control over my own body. "Can you please stop doing that?"

"Why? Doesn't this turn you on?" The devilish gleam in her eyes tells me she knows exactly how her little show is affecting me, both mentally and physically.

"Why?" My eyes squeeze shut and it's all I can do not to scream as I answer her insane question. "Because your brother is an early riser and these walls are paper thin." I stomp into the bathroom and close the door on the entire scene.

"That's ridiculous," she scoffs, and as if on cue I hear Rivers' voice outside the outer door. I button my jeans as my mind scrambles for a way to talk myself out of this.

"Cass? You up yet?" he calls out, before knocking once and throwing open the door. This is his trademark entry. However, I don't see what happens because I've made the decision to dive into the tub and feign sleep.



Even though my insides are shaking with laughter, I do my best to put on a calm front when I face Scotty. My girly bits are still tingly, but his friend's words ring loud and clear in my head when I see the look on my brother's face. It's quite clear he barged in expecting to find something going on between the sheets. I'm guessing he saw this guy's car outside and put two and two together. I'm thankful he didn't barge in five minutes ago when I was rubbing on his teammate like a stripper grinding up against a pole. It appears in my haste to get over Justin, I've bypassed kissing and jumped right into trying to have sex with a stranger. A stranger who just happens to be my brother's best friend.

"Hey, what were you doing in here? I thought I heard voices." His eyes scan the small space just as he turns to the closed bathroom door. My heart thumps wildly beneath my tank, and I pray to God he doesn't hear it.

"What are you talking about? I just woke up." I swing my legs over the side of the bed and stretch my arms up over my head. "Boy, I sure slept like a baby. This bed is so comfortable. I'm sure after this, the dorm beds are going to be a huge disappointment." I fake a yawn.

"Yeah," Scotty replies distractedly, then opens the bathroom door. I cringe inwardly, prepared to lie if necessary. Without warning, he starts laughing his ass off. "Cage, what the hell are you doing sleeping in the bathtub?"

"What?" my handsome stranger asks, groggily. "Oh, hey, man. Why am I sleeping in the tub? Maybe because you gave away my bed."

"Sorry about that, buddy. You've gotta be stiff as hell. Here, let me help you up." I hear movement, then the sounds of someone stumbling, before they come out of the bathroom together. "Cassie, I hope you're seeing this. My buddies love me so much they'd choose a tub over climbing in bed with my little sister." He slings an arm around his buddy's shoulder. "Sis, I'd like you to meet my best friend, Brantley Cage."

"Hey, Cassie. Nice to meet you." Brantley raises his hand shyly but refuses to make eye contact.

"Hi," I wiggle my fingers at him, trying my best not to let my facial expression reveal what I'm thinking. "It's nice to meet you as well."

Then our eyes connect, and it's as if little jolts of electricity are firing inside me. His gaze lingers for a few seconds before my brother rudely interrupts our connection.

"Cass, you have to see this guy on the ice. I swear watching him skate is a thing of beauty. One of the best damn defensemen to ever grace this campus." Scotty grins broadly while Brantley remains silent. "Go on, tell her about your big play last season."

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