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Jersey Girl (Sticks & Hearts #1)(5)
Rhonda James

"Ew. Did you seriously just ask me to give you a blowjob? You don't even know me. That's just... gross." At this, she moves toward the edge of the bed, yet she still doesn't leave entirely, instead choosing to sit cross-legged and watch from further away. Unfortunately, her comment kills the moment. I've never had a woman look at me and utter the word Ew. Definitely an ego deflator.

Ego being my dick in this case.

"Annnnnddd, on that note..." I move to sit up but am immediately pushed back as she clambers up my body and plants a kiss on my lips. It's not the best kiss, but only because it's unexpected and clumsy. She smells sweet, kind of like strawberries or some shit like that. It's feminine, and I find I want to keep breathing her scent in. She pulls back, and we both stare at each other for a few seconds before either of us dares to make a move. I shift beneath her and study her expression. Her brows are drawn, as if she's trying to decide where to go from here, and her lips tremble slightly with each breath she draws in. I lift my hand to her cheek and trace my thumb over the swell of her bottom lip.

"Let's try that again." My words come out as a whisper between us as I cup my hand around the back of her neck and slant my mouth over hers. Her lips are soft, tentative at first, and I'm instantly caught up in the way she feels against me. It's like we meld together in perfect unison. We take our time, kissing, breathing heavily, learning each other's next move. And it's good. Really, really good. Her lips press firmly against mine, then part as my tongue glides along the seam. As our tongues brush together, she makes this soft keening sound I love hearing. My lips move of their own accord and I work my way over her delicate skin, feathering soft kisses along her jaw and down her neck. Chicks love it when you do that. Her pelvis rocks slowly, teasing me with a quiet promise of something more. The soft cotton of her shorts glides over my length, and it feels so incredibly good. It goes on for a few seconds until I grab her by the hips and still her before I lose it.

Since when did dry humping ever feel this damn good?

"Sweetheart," I murmur between wet kisses. "You never told me how you got in here." I kiss my way down her neck, intending to make my way down her gorgeous body.

"Scotty let me in last night," she answers breathlessly, arching her body until her breasts press firmly against my chest. "He didn't think you would mind."

"Trust me, honey, I don't mind. In fact, remind me to thank him later." I can see the outline of her nipples, and my mouth waters as I think about her squirming once I start licking and sucking them in the next twenty seconds. "How do you know Rivers?" I hum as my tongue prepares to get down to business.

She straddles my legs, grinding her pelvis over me, and it's driving me out of my everloving mind. Her hair falls softly around her sweet face, and while everything about her paints a perfect picture, the only thing I see are her breasts as they bounce less than three inches from my parted mouth. Then, without warning, she utters three words that would stop even the strongest of men in their tracks.

"He's my brother." My hands come up, shoving her off me as I scramble away. I can't get out of bed fast enough. I'm standing beside the bed, sporting a semi, while she's still kneeling, all sexed up and waiting to be taken. Only, I can't touch her.




I am so screwed...

"What's wrong?" She looks up with innocent, blue eyes, and all I want is to finish what we started. But there's no way I can. Rivers is my best friend. I would never do that to him. We both received a scholarship to play hockey and met on our first day of classes. Rivers is our goalie, and a damn good one too. Me, I'm a defenseman, one of the best around. He guards the net, and I guard the puck. We're protectors; it's what we do. Last month he asked all of us to watch over his little sister. Somehow, I don't think this is the type of protecting he'd intended.

Technically, I've already broken two codes, but in my defense, I had no idea who she was. Note to self, always get a name before you shove your tongue down a girl's throat. It's also obvious girls are completely ignorant to the whole friendship code guys have established. Maybe that's why guys with sisters are so quick to enforce it when they meet new friends. Me, I don't have any sisters, but if I did, I know I would lay that shit down within the first ten minutes of meeting a guy.

"What's wrong?" I choke out. "Rivers is my best friend. There are rules guys live by, and I just broke two of them in less than five minutes. And I would have broken another if I hadn't asked how you got in here." I drag my fingers through my hair and give it a yank as I pace the room. "Shit. He's going to kill me." Reaching for my pants, I pull them on and tuck myself inside, leaving the buttons undone.

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