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Jersey Girl (Sticks & Hearts #1)(14)
Rhonda James

Then last week when I'd approached him about study groups, he'd merely pointed to a row of clipboards spread out along the wall. Seven clipboards contained spreadsheets listing students who were looking to join a study group. One clipboard in particular also listed contact information of students who offered tutoring. Since my situation required individual attention, I'd ignored the groups and gone straight for the tutoring, skimming the list until I came to a name I recognized.

B. Cage 719-688-5535

I texted him last Friday with the intention of telling him who I was, but I remembered how he acted at the bar and panicked. I figured he would totally blow me off. So I told him my name was Candy, and he blew me off anyway. I wasn't sure what hurt more, the fact I would probably fail again, or that he wouldn't have anything to do with me. All I want is five minutes of his time to tell him I'm sorry for the way I acted that morning. I'd humiliated myself and alienated him, all in the same moment.

I'm still holding my notes when I look up and see him walking up the aisle. He's talking with a fellow hockey player, but his gaze meets mine as he draws near. Rather than ignore me, he lifts his hand in a small wave as he passes, leaving me with a glimmer of hope he doesn't hate me as much as I fear.

Much to my relief, when I make it to calculus I find out Professor Briggs is ill and had to leave early. Class has been cancelled, but there's a note written on the whiteboard. STUDY FOR NEXT FRIDAY'S TEST.


When I open the door to my room I'm immediately deafened by a loud scream and a grunt as two bodies scramble for cover on Roni's side of the room.

"Sorry," I cover my eyes, "I'm leaving. Go back to whatever it is you were doing." My chest pounds as I slam the door and bolt down the hall with a hand covering my mouth. I shove open the exterior door and double over in laughter.

Ohmygod. I just caught my roommate riding some guy's di—

My thoughts are cut off when my phone vibrates with a text, and I do a happy dance when I see whom it's from. It's been three days since I first approached him, and to be honest, I've been on pins and needles, wondering if he would reach out to me.

Him: How's the studying?

My first inclination is to play it cool. I can't have him thinking I've been holding my breath, waiting for him to text me. Which I totally have. After our first conversation, I began second-guessing my decision to lie. I really hadn't thought it through very well. If he does agree to meet up, what will he say when Cassie Rivers shows up instead of Candy?

Me: I'm sorry. Who's this?

I'm still laughing when I press send. Within seconds, the three little dots appear and I wait for his response.

Him: Umm... It's B. U know, calculus god and all-around nice guy.

Me: Oh, yeah. I remember. Calculus god? Maybe. Nice guy? Jury's still out, B-Man.

Him: Now u doubt me? I have 2 say, I'm hurt.

Me: Not at all. I'm stating a fact. U haven't graced me with ur presence, ergo, I have nothing but a few texts 2 support your claim.

Him: Fair enough. U ready for this test?

Me: Not even close. But not for lack of trying. I shouldn't have signed up for this class.

Him: Ah, the curse 2 prove u can do it all. Been there.

Me: So u know my struggle?

Him: All 2 well.

Me: How'd u deal?

Him: Tequila. Lots of tequila.

Me: I'm afraid that's not a viable option.

Him: Don't drink?

Me: Underage. Lack of access 2 said tequila.

Him: Bummer.

Me: If I pass, u can treat me 2 a shot.

Him: U got it.

Me: I'm bored, B. Talk 2 me. Can't go 2 my room.

Him: Why not?

Me: Roommate's having sex.

Him: Yeah, been there 2.

Me: First 4 me.

Him: I'd say it gets easier, but that's a lie.

Me: Gee, thanks.

Him: Don't mention it.

Me: Can I ask u something, B?

Him: I'm all thumbs.

Me: Ha ha ur really funny. Do u have a girlfriend?

Him: Nope.

Me: That's a shame.

Him: Really? Why?

Me: Cause u seem like a sweet guy. I like u B-Man. Ur starting to grow on me.

Him: Thanks. I think ur growing on me 2.

Me: Does this mean u will tutor me?

Him: Maybe.

Me: Well, time's wasting. Will u tell me if that maybe turns into a yes?

Him: Maybe.

Me: I'm starting 2 not like u very much.

Five minutes pass before he responds and I'm grinning like an idiot when I read what it says.

Him: I'll risk it.


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