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Fearless (Broken Love #5)(9)
B.B. Reid

“Damn,” Keenan murmured. He turned to Di and said, “My mistake, Di. Your mother is a super crazy whack job.”

She flipped him off and leaned forward. “So we still have a major problem on our hands.”

“Fuck! I need answers now.”

Just then, the door burst open and what seemed like the entire police force rushed in, shouting to everyone the order to get down.

Everyone put their hands up and probably assumed they were here for Keiran. Only I wasn’t surprised when they bypassed him and placed me in handcuffs instead.

My borrowed time had just come to an end.

“Lake Monroe, you’re wanted for questioning in the murder of Mitchell Masters. You have the right to remain silent…”

* * *


“I’ve got to say, Miss Monroe. We don’t get many like you in here. I’m also aware this isn’t the first time you’ve been here because of murder.” When I only stared back at him, he continued. “Five years ago, you were a witness to an atrocious crime committed against two of your classmates who were burned alive.” He made a point of looking at the thick folder splayed out on the table. “Anya Risdell and Trevor Reynolds.”

“I’m familiar with the case. What’s your point?”

“My point is we both know you didn’t murder Mitch Masters, so why don’t you tell me the truth.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“I think you do. Come on… you and I both know Keiran Masters killed his father so why don’t you make this easier on yourself? You were brave back then. What’s stopping you now?”

“I love him.”

“Love?” he scoffed. “Love is about to cost you twenty to life without the possibility of parole. Don’t let his cock ruin your life.”

I was sure his mention of my boyfriend’s cock violated his code of conduct, but I let it slide.

“He also didn’t do it.”

“Now why should I believe that? You just told me you wouldn’t give him up because you love him. Why should I believe you aren’t lying?”

I narrowed my eyes feeling as if I were led here under false pretenses. The interrogation felt too much like a trap. The detective seemed more focused on accusing Keiran than offering evidence against me. “Am I here because I’m suspected of murder, or am I here because my boyfriend is suspected of murder?”

“Oh, we’re sure you’re guilty. We’re also certain you didn’t act alone.”

For the first time since the detective entered the room, I felt my heart rate quicken. My tongue was suddenly dry as I choked on unspoken words. I was suddenly very interested in what the detective had to say even though I remained silent. The detective took it as an invitation to continue. Plucking a single sheet of paper from the folder, he slid it across the table.

“Do you recognize this?”

I peered down at the sheet and immediately recognized the name written at the top of the chart. It was a visitor sign-in sheet for Summit Rehabilitation for Cancer Survivors.

The facility where Mitch had been residing for three years while he withered away from cancer.

“I find it interesting that you were visiting the center the same day your boyfriend’s father was brutally murdered. Even more interesting, you signed in… but you never signed out.”

If it were ever proven impossible that the entire body couldn’t start to perspire at once, I’d just disproven that theory.

“I want a lawyer.”

He didn’t miss a beat and stood up straight. “Good. You’re going to need one, Miss Monroe.”

I let my gaze trail to where I had written my name. I wouldn’t have been so stupid if I hadn’t got caught that day.

Chapter Two



“So she beat it? That’s great!” Sheldon jumped up to hug me after I delivered the news. On top of Alzheimer’s, my grandmother had been diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago. Because she was under strict medical care, it had been caught early on, but that small ray of hope was overshadowed by the aggressive growth of the cancer cells. Rather than get better, she had progressed to stage two in under two years.

When her condition seemed hopeless, Jackson and Keiran secured one of the best doctors in the country to oversee her case. It took a year of treatment, but she was finally cleared of all cancerous cells.

“We’re going to get tears on the seating chart,” I joked to break the emotional tension. We had been going over the last minute details of her wedding in two weeks when I decided to break the news.

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