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Fearless (Broken Love #5)(7)
B.B. Reid

“I have no doubt nothing would have kept him away.”

“Hey, Shelly!” Keenan came running down the stairs holding a sleepy Ken as if she were a bomb about to detonate. “Your daughter pissed all over her sheets again. Handle this, will you?” He passed her to her mother and jetted out the door before Sheldon could respond.

“Keenan, you jerk!”

“Oh yeah.” Willow deadpanned. “Dad of the year award is definitely his.”

Sheldon shook her head and took Kennedy back upstairs to clean her up, so I decided to head out back where I could already hear shouting and swearing and the rhythmic sound of a basketball dribble.

“Oh, my.” I heard Willow gasp lustfully beside me. I was temporarily blinded by the sight of three impressive bare chests glistening with sweat as they savagely fought for the ball. I wasn’t sure how well basketball could be played with only three players, but it was apparent the game was no longer the objective.

Keenan managed to steal the ball from Keiran and knock him down in the process. I winced at how hard he hit the ground. Just as quickly, he bounced up and stole the ball mid shot. Keenan cursed and took the offensive along with Dash.

I grew nervous watching. Sweat pooled between my breasts and my breathing escalated. Watching Keiran move and play—specifically without a shirt—was overwhelmingly stimulating.

Dash and Keenan closed in on him. His eyes shifted between the two, looking for weakness. It didn’t seem likely. I thought he was done for, but then his eyes found mine. He smiled, winked, and made his move.

The ball was thrown high in the air. He threw a fist into Dash’s finely cut abs and an elbow into Keenan’s regal nose and shoved past them as they groaned in pain in time to catch the ball.

“Hey!” Willow yelled. “He can’t do that.” She turned to me with eyes ablaze and as wild as her hair. “Can he do that?” I shook my head, feigning concern, and tried to hide my smile when he made the basket and turned with a cocky grin.

“Come on, pussies. We playing ball or having tea?”

Dash moved first and took Keiran to the ground. He managed to slam a fist across his jaw before Keenan surged forward, knocking Dash out of the way, and taking his shot at his face. I cringed at the sight and sound of Keiran getting pummeled. They began to exchange blows uninhibited.

“What’s going on?” Sheldon asked as she entered the backyard.

“Keiran scored and they started beating the crap out of each other.”

Sheldon’s eyebrow lifted, and her eyes flashed with aggravation. “They do realize they’re grown men and not teenagers anymore, right?”

I nodded toward the rumbling mass of hard male flesh. Keenan dick-punched Keiran and Dash tripped Keenan. “Good luck explaining it to them.”

I then watched as Sheldon and Willow manipulated their men shamelessly.

Sheldon huffed and charged forward until she was close enough for them to hear. “Keenan, I want to fuck.”

Her tone couldn’t have been less sexual, but still, his head popped up from biting Dash, and just like that, his attention was redirected.

“I’m out,” he said and untangled himself.

So much for his daughter’s future.

When he wrapped his arm around Sheldon and began nibbling on her neck, it was her turn to smile. “Good luck with your men.”

“Dash, my feet hurt and I’m hungry,” Willow whined purposely.

“My lady says I can’t play anymore.” He hit Keiran one last time, causing his head to snap to the side, and then Dash jumped to his feet. I watched them leave and then turned back to see Keiran watching me. He had a light in his eyes that I recognized all too well. I could feel my temperature rise even now.

“I saw the way you were looking at me.”

“How? Dash kept trying to give you a black eye.”

“I saw you,” he insisted, his tone husky. He closed the gap between us and pushed until my back was against the pole.

“You’re sweating.”

“You like it.”

“Your smelly sweat all over me? Why would I like that?”

“Because it reminds you of when I fuck you so hard you can barely breathe or move when I’m done.”

“Tease.” I wanted to be disgusted by it. I really did, but he was so damn sexy when he was sweaty.

His smile came slow as he pushed his body against mine. The pole was now digging into my spine, but I didn’t feel it. My entire body was distracted by the feel of his much more appealing hardness. He nibbled on my chin and whispered, “I could fuck you now.”

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