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Fearless (Broken Love #5)(6)
B.B. Reid

* * *


“So, Will.” Keenan cleared his throat and grinned, and I knew—I just fucking knew—he was about to say something stupid. We’d all kind of gravitated here for the day and were now sitting around Keenan and Sheldon’s living room. “How does it feel to be pregnant?”

I groaned remembering how sensitive Sheldon was at this stage of her pregnancy. Keenan had no clue what he was walking into. Keiran and I shared a look, but it was too late.

“Like there’s an alien invasion happening in my uterus.”

“Really? I always thought it would feel more like butterfly flutters in your belly.”

Keiran groaned.

“You would because you don’t have a uterus.”

“True, but—”

“Nope,” she continued as if he hadn’t spoken. “You guys just poke your penis where it doesn’t belong and your job is done for the next nine months.”

“Babe—” Dash began but was cut off by a vicious glare from Willow.

“Don’t ‘babe’ me. It’s hot, and I feel like a whale swimming in a desert.”

“You’re beautiful.”

“Can it, Chambers. You’re getting laid tonight. You don’t need to kiss my ass.”

She’d gone too far that time—pregnant or not. Dash’s nostrils flared as he leaned toward her to whisper in her ear. Unfortunately, I was close enough to hear. “If you don’t watch your attitude, I’ll be spanking that ass later instead of kissing it.”

Willow blushed and ducked her head while Dash sat back with a smug look. It was incredible how rightfully wrong two people could be for each other. It was evident Dash liked taking control, and Willow enjoyed pushing him to do it.

“So, I was thinking we could start teaching Ken to play basketball.”

“Don’t you think it’s a little early? She still needs two hands to hold the ball,” Sheldon argued.

“But she only needs one to dribble. We got to start somewhere, and if she’s going to play power forward for Lynx, she’d need all the practice she can get.”

“Whoa. What makes you think she’s playing forward? She’s playing guard.”

“Oh, and which guard might that be?” Keiran asked with narrowed eyes.

“She’s a shooter, of course.” He shrugged as if it were a done deal.

“Funny. I think she’s better on point. She’s a leader.”

“My kid. My say,” Keenan answered smugly.

“Oh?” Sheldon snapped. The guys ignored her and continued to argue.

“Dude she’s playing for Liberty,” Dash growled, bringing the conversation full circle.

“I don’t know, man. Lynx usually gets first pick over Liberty. She’d have a better team behind her.”

“I agree, except she’s playing forward not guard.”

“I know how we settle this.” Dash grinned.


“Suit up.”

They took off at once. Keenan ran upstairs while Keiran and Dash shoved each other to get to the back door first. Sheldon blew out a breath and pointed a thumb over her shoulder. “Can you believe them?”

“I hope Dash doesn’t think he’ll decide our son’s life.”

“Of course, he has. Whether he likes it or not, he takes after our father. It’s just that his methods don’t require him to be as huge of an asshole.”

“Have your parents brought up that custody issue again?”

She snorted, cast a nervous glance toward the stairs, and shook her head, apparently reluctant to discuss it with Keenan in hearing distance. I still couldn’t believe her parents had demanded custody be given to them in the event of her death. When Sheldon refused, they threatened to remove her from the will until she conceded.

“Have you still not told him?”

“And give him more ammunition to make things worse when he sees them again? He’s a hot head.”

“Good point, but he may find out somehow.”

“Keenan is a great father to Kennedy. What is your parent’s issue?”

“They believe he’s a flight risk, as my mother put it.”

“So,” Willow began, her eyebrows pinched sharply with confusion, “what’s the deal? Did Keenan run when he found out you were pregnant?”

Sheldon shook her head with her eyes cast downward. “He left the night Kennedy was conceived.”

“Do you think he would have stayed away if he knew about her?”

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