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Fearless (Broken Love #5)(11)
B.B. Reid

“I mean…” He entered me slowly so I could feel every inch of him. “Is your pussy wet for me?” He stopped once the head of his cock had entered my eager pussy, leaving me the one gasping for more this time.

“Please.” It was all I could manage when the feeling of being filled took over.

“I love when you beg for my dick, baby.” He gave me another intoxicating inch of him. “It makes me want to fuck you hard.”

“Fuck me hard.”

We both seemed to break away from our torturous teasing simultaneously. He pulled back and in one motion, served me his entire length. I was sent gasping and teetering over the edge immediately. The rhythm and pace he set was hard and just what I needed to take my mind away from my troubles. I could do nothing but hold on as he rained love bites all over my neck and breasts while he took me hard and unapologetic.

“Lake… Fuck… Baby.” I couldn’t take the sound of his passionate voice and the sound of our bodies coming together and not come.

I came so fucking hard.

Once I came down from orgasmic bliss, I noticed Keiran had slowed down to a hard grind, now preferring to worship my body. His hands and mouth moved all over me just before he flipped me over on my stomach.

“I can’t let you leave me today and not feel your ass against my dick.”

Oh, my fuck.

His larger body completely covered me until I could feel every muscle and inch of hot flesh against mine. Just the feel of his sweat dripping on me made me want to come again.

“Come with me. I want your pussy squeezing my dick.” A firm slap on my ass followed his order. I felt his fingers run through my hair and make a fist as his pace picked up once more. I threw my ass back, craving the sound of our skin slapping which brought forth a deep growl from him that vibrated down my spine.

Because he couldn’t stop there, his fingers made their way to my throbbing clit, making his plea a reality. I came around him at the very moment he came inside me.

We both collapsed amongst the sheets out of breath. I could feel his breath shudder against my heated skin, and I wanted him again. I looked at the clock hopeful and groaned when I realized I should have been dressed five minutes ago.

I felt his weight shift from me to his side of our bed. He was still silent, so I chanced a look at his face to see him watching me, but it wasn’t a look I would expect after sex. His gaze was hard and suspicious.

“I know I wasn’t what was on your mind. I know when you want me, Lake. Your skin gets so hot and flushed, you nearly take me up in flames with you.” I wanted to argue, but no words smart enough to convince him came to mind. “But do you really want to know why I’m on to you?”

Stupid me, I nodded.

“Because if you were really thinking about your lips around my dick, you would have done it the second you wanted it.”

“I see you have me figured out completely.” There was a bite in my tone even I recognized. Keiran’s eyes narrowed.

“Yeah, I do. We’ll talk about this when you get home.”

He dismissed me, and I wasted no time escaping. But when I reached the entrance to our bathroom, I heard him call my name.


“We don’t lie to each other. Ever.”

* * *

I had been on edge all day, dreading going home. Keiran was pissed. It was evident in the way he spoke to me this morning. He didn’t even call or text me in between classes per our usual routine. I felt guilty and spent all day brainstorming how to make it up to him and to avoid the interrogation awaiting me.

I stalled as long as I could after classes were over, but when Keiran did send me a text with a single question mark, I knew it was time to pay the piper. I parked at the curb in front of the modest three bedroom home we rented from a middle-aged couple who decided to live life on the road. It was cheaper than we could have found anywhere else within a reasonable distance of school and Keiran’s office. An added bonus was the guarantee of the place for the next year at least.

“Don’t bitch out. It’s just Keiran.” My attempt at self-confidence fell flat when I remembered that at the moment, he was a pissed off Keiran. He hated being lied to—I had crossed an invisible line and gotten caught.

When I closed the front door, I was greeted with silence. I was sad to admit I expected to be greeted with rage.

Would I ever get over the little slice of fear I still held for him? It had been four years since we’ve been together, and he’d never given me a reason to fear him any longer. How could I admit four years of love didn’t seem long enough to battle ten years of torment? The thought alone was heartbreaking, but to voice it felt like a betrayal.

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