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Fearless (Broken Love #5)(10)
B.B. Reid

“But it’s so worth it. So will she be going back to Red Rock?”

“Actually, no. Aunt Carissa decided it would be better for her to spend time in a rehabilitation center specifically for cancer survivors so she could continue to get the aftercare she needed. There’s a great one just four hours west.”

I noticed Sheldon’s expression fall. I was sure she was thinking the same I had thought at first, so I went on to reassure her the same way my aunt had. “I know it’s further than Red Rock, but it’s for the best.”

“That’s not—fuck—Lake… what is the center called?”

“Summit Rehabilitation for Cancer Survivors. Why? You know the place?”

Her face had completely lost color. “She’s not safe there.”

“What? Why wouldn’t she be?”

“That’s the treatment facility where Mitch is.”

“I don’t understand. John said Mitch was never cured of cancer. Why would he be at a facility for cancer survivors?”

“Because the center isn’t just for survivors. It’s also for cancer patients who have given up on treatment and are waiting to die.”

I didn’t have time to reflect on how horrible the idea of people suffering and waiting to die sounded. I’d just found out my defenseless grandmother was living in the same place with a demented, evil man. My mind was racing with more than one fear, and among them was the most dangerous of them all.

“Keiran doesn’t know about the center where Mitch is, does he?”

“John never wanted him to know, and I assumed Keenan is still honoring his wish. We all know what will happen when he finds out exactly where Mitch is.”

Keiran wouldn’t hesitate to go after Mitch no matter the cost to himself, and protecting my grandmother on my behalf would only be an added push.

“Listen, I need to ensure my grandmother’s safety but Keiran can’t know about it or why.”

“How are you going to explain this to your aunt and keep it from Keiran?”

“I don’t know, but there’s got to be a way. There’s no other rehab center in the entire state. Any other move would be too big. He’d question it.”

“I don’t know, Lake. Are you sure you want to risk lying to him? I think you should tell him.”

“Sheldon, if I tell Keiran where Mitch is, there is no amount of reasoning that will keep him from killing him. He’ll be caught and I’ll lose him forever.”

* * *

Almost two weeks had passed since I learned where John had been keeping Mitch. I had been uneasy and unable to concentrate entirely on my upcoming finals or duties as maid of honor, but somehow, I managed to fool everyone including my volatile boyfriend.

For two weeks, I planned and prayed for a solution that would keep everyone safe and rid the world of Mitch Masters forever, but I was only ever able to come to one dangerous solution.

“What are you thinking about so hard?”

The sudden gruff sound of Keiran’s sexy morning voice startled me and stirred a rush of new guilt. I had been so deep in my thoughts I hadn’t noticed him awake and watching me. I quickly schooled my features into seductive, playful girlfriend.

“Well…” I left him anticipating my next words as I slid my hand down his bare chest and into his basketball shorts. “I was trying to make the hard decision of whether to taste you…” It was unnoticeable to the untrained eyes, but I witnessed him suck in air at the feeling of my hand wrapping around his cock. “…or ride you.”

“That’s easy. Do both.”

I shivered at the animalistic sound of his voice indicating the change in his body from slumbering to ready-to-fuck. I forced myself to take my eyes from his cock for a quick look at the clock resting behind his head. It showed only thirty minutes until I had to be out of the shower and dressed for class.

“We don’t have time.”

He groaned and shifted his hips. “Don’t do that to me, baby.”

“Do what?” I blinked innocently while giving his hardened cock a tug. I felt it twitch under my palm and smiled.

“Make me want you so fucking bad and then tell me I can’t have you the way I need you.”

“How do you want me?”

He didn’t bother to respond. Instead, he dislodged my hand and rolled me onto my back. He settled in between my thighs and pushed up his shirt I’d worn to bed at the same time I pushed his shorts from his hips.

“Are you ready?”

“Mhmm… how do you mean?” I decided to torture him a little while longer. I leaned up to run my tongue down his throat and listened for that little intake of breath followed by a groan.

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