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Her Best Worst Mistake (Elizabeth and Violet #2)(12)
Sarah Mayberry

Before she’d walked out of her grandparents’ house, Elizabeth had accused him of not knowing her. She’d said that he was so busy telling her what was good for her, he had no idea who she was or what she really wanted. She’d called herself a coward for not speaking up with her true feelings.

Then she’d called off their wedding.

Again, he pushed the disturbing thoughts away. Once he had found her, they would talk. One bridge, one challenge at a time.

“Edward, I need to get to the airport. I’ve emailed my assistant, Tammy, about rescheduling my cases for the rest of the week. With luck, I’ll be back with Elizabeth by the beginning of next week.”

“Stay in touch,” Edward said. There was a fragile note to his voice, a reminder that he was on the wrong side of seventy.

“I will. You and Vera take it easy, okay? I’ve got this in hand.”

He ended the call and pulled his overnight bag from the top shelf of the closet. He threw in a couple of changes of underwear, a fresh shirt and various toiletries, then he ordered a cab and tossed his current work file into his briefcase—if he was going to be stuck in transit for hours on end, he might as well be productive. Four hours later he was in the air, flying to the other side of the world.

Funny, but he’d always wanted to go to Australia. As a kid, his mother had been an avid viewer of Australian soap operas, and he couldn’t hear the familiar theme song to Neighbours without being transported back to the cramped flat where he’d grown up. Shirley St Clair had loved the wide blue skies and the brightness of life in Australia as depicted on the show and every day she’d sit ensconced in her armchair, the tea pot in its cosy at the ready, him at her feet as they watched half an hour of pure fiction about a world that even then he’d known was too good to be true. Still, it had made him want to go and see for himself. In the back of his mind, he’d thought that it was something he and Elizabeth might do together one day.

He felt tired and grubby by the time he stepped into the cool pre-dawn of a Melbourne summer’s day some twenty-four hours later. He’d booked a hire car on-line and he made his way to the kiosk and filled out the required paperwork. Half an hour later he was on the road, squinting at road signs and trying to get his bearings.

Philip Island was an hour and a half’s drive out of Melbourne. He stopped twice for coffee, and it was nearing nine in the morning when he pulled into a parking spot in the sleepy seaside town of Cowes on Philip Island. To his left was a silvered wooden jetty, thrusting into sparkling blue water, to his right a series of beach-themed boutiques selling bikinis and beach towels and board shorts. He flipped the visor down to check his appearance. His eyes were bloodshot, his hair a mess, his shirt wrinkled and limp. He smoothed his hair with his fingers before flipping the visor back up. It didn’t matter that his clothes were wrinkled and his eyes bloodshot. Neither of those things was going to convince Elizabeth to come home with him.

Loathe to leave his valuables in the car in a strange town, he took both his overnight bag and his briefcase with him as he headed for the Isle of Wight Hotel. The girl behind the counter was very young, which was perhaps why she was happy to hand out Elizabeth’s room number to a complete stranger.

He glanced around the main bar as he followed her directions to the stairs that would take him to the first floor. The carpet was sticky beneath his feet and the air smelled of old beer and cooking oil. A tanned, heavyset man with sun-bleached hair raised a friendly hand to him as he passed the bar. Martin nodded in acknowledgement before stepping onto the staircase.

He paused when he reached Elizabeth’s room, aware that his heart was pounding inside his chest.

He loved her. He loved her kindness and her patience and her quiet determination. He loved her elegance and discreet dignity. She was one of the best people he knew. He needed her in his life.

He needed to make this work between them. Otherwise everything he’d strived for would be for nothing and no one.

He raised his hand and knocked. There was a moment’s silence, then he heard someone moving around on the other side of the door.

He took a deep breath, waiting. Hoping.

And then the door opened.

Violet agonized for a full day over how to tell Elizabeth what she’d done and finally settled for the coward’s way—email. She sat down to compose a message three times before finally simply confessing that she’d blabbed to D.D.—short for Droopy Drawers—and that she was sorry for being such a feeble friend but that he’d been so insistent and sad that she’d felt unable to deny him. She’d hit send and sat back to wait for her friend’s response.

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