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Forever Too Far (Too Far Trilogy #3)(11)
Abbi Glines


It had been awhile since I’d stepped into my dad’s Beverly Hills home. The last time I’d visited, I had stayed drunk most of the time and partied with my dad. This would be a very different visit. I wasn’t that guy anymore. I set Blaire’s suitcase down in the bedroom my dad called mine. It was where I’d always slept when I came to visit him.

“This is just... wow,” Blaire said walking in behind me. She’d been stopping and taking in the place since we’d walked in the front door. Luckily, Nan and Kiro hadn’t been here to greet us. I wanted time to get Blaire settled in. The plane ride had been long and I could see the exhaustion on her face.

“You’ll learn rock legends are a bit on the showy side. They like to flaunt their success with things,” I explained.

“I can see that. They sure have done a good job in flaunting with this place,” she said, walking over to the bed and then realizing it was too high for her. Glancing over her shoulder she frowned at me. “How the heck am I’m gonna be able to get on this thing?”

I couldn’t keep from laughing. She looked so damn perplexed. “I’ll get you a little stool.”

Blaire grinned and shook her head. “That’s just crazy. So, if I wanted to lay down now... how might I go about it?”

I walked over to her and put both my hands on her expanding waist then picked her up and put her on the bed. “That way,” I replied and sat down beside her before throwing a leg over both of hers and laying her back. “If you didn’t look so tired we’d test this thing out,” I teased.

She covered her mouth as she yawned and gave me a sleepy smile. “I can stay awake,” she assured me and turned her chest toward mine.

It was tempting but I knew her body needed rest. I pressed a kiss to her nose. “I’m sure you could, sweet Blaire. But right now all I want to do is massage your feet and calves while you relax and fall asleep.”

Her eyes got that pleased glow. “Oh, would you? They feel so stiff after the flight.”

“Go lay your head on the pillow and I’ll get rid of these shoes, which by the way, are not exactly good walking footwear for a pregnant woman. You should have worn tennis shoes, not heels.”

Blaire yawned again and settled back on the pillow with a sigh. “I know. I just didn’t want to arrive at LAX looking frumpy.”

She could never look frumpy. “That would be impossible.”

She smiled and closed her eyes as I began rubbing her arch. “You just love me.”

“More than life. But that doesn’t make me blind. You’d be hot in a potato sack.”

She didn’t say anything back. Her eyes were closed and her smile still lingered. I put my attention to massaging her tired feet and then worked my way up her calves. By the time I was finished she was breathing slowly and evenly. I pulled the blanket over her before leaving to let her rest.

Dean was reclining on the black leather sectional sofa that took up most of the entertainment room. He had their latest album pumping over the speakers and he was playing Halo on his Xbox with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

“While we’re here please don’t smoke around Blaire,” I said as I walked into the room.

Dean glanced over his shoulder and grinned. “I won’t. Don’t want to hurt the kid.”

He pressed pause on his game and threw the remote down on the long sleek red table that sat in front of the sofa then picked up his glass. I didn’t have to ask to know it was straight up whiskey.

“Our girl taking a nap?” he asked propping his feet back up on the table.

The fact he called Blaire “our girl” rubbed me the wrong way. She wasn’t anyone’s girl but mine. That was the way my dad talked though. He acted like we were a joint thing. He always had. “My girl is asleep. She was exhausted,” I replied, taking a seat at the other end of the sectional.”

Dean just laughed and took a drink of his whiskey then took a drag from his cigarette. “You’re a little caveman possessive over her, aren’t you? Didn’t get that from your old man.”

I didn’t get a lot of things from him but I didn’t say that. “I’ll do whatever needs to be done to make her happy. But I’ll be the one making her happy. Always. Just me.”

Dean let out a low whistle and shook his head as he took the cigarette from his lips and flicked his ash into an ashtray. “Tall order to fill. Good luck with that. Women can bitch sometimes, just ‘cause they want to. Ain’t no one can make a woman happy when she’s bitchin’.”

This conversation was pointless. He had never had a Blaire in his life. He had no idea what she was like. I was here for a reason and I wanted to address the problem and go home. “Where’s Nan?”

Dean sighed and rolled his eyes. “Not here right now, thank the fuck. She’s a crazy bitch.”

“Where’s Kiro?” I asked, deciding to ignore his opinion of Nan.

“I’m right f**king here! There’s the man! Look at you all f**king grown up and manly. How’d that happen in a few damn months?” Kiro’s loud voice was unmistakable.

He walked into the room with some girl who looked about my age draped on his arm. Her cl**vage was about to pop out of the tied up shirt thing that looked like a corset. She winked at me. Her lashes were obviously fake. No one’s lashes were that damn long.

“Came to deal with Nan,” I replied, looking back at my father who was taking another long drag on his cigarette as he let his eyes roam over the female Kiro had brought with him. I knew they shared from time to time. That was not the kind of shit I wanted Blaire to be around.

“Holy fuck, I owe you my left damn nut. She’s driving me up the f**king wall. Please calm her crazy ass down and help me find a way to talk to her. She always been this insane?”

I knew Nan had her problems but hearing the man who was the main cause of them talk about her like this pissed me off. I stood up and turned to glare at him. “If she’d had a parent who gave a f**king shit about her maybe she’d have been as normal as Harlow. But she didn’t. You left her alone with my mom. NO kid should be subjected to that. At least my father came and got me. Spent time with me. Gave me the feeling of being wanted. You never did that for Nan. She’s f**ked up because of you.” I hadn’t meant to go off on him the minute he walked into his house but he’d opened his stupid mouth about my sister.

“It’s the boy’s sister, Kiro. Be careful about talking shit,” Dean warned. He had been talking shit about Nan too but I didn’t blame him for her being the way she was.

The girl pressed herself closer to Kiro. “You said this was gonna be fun. I want some fun, baby. You got my pu**y all wet in the limo. It’s ready to be fucked,” she crooned.

This was also something I didn’t want Blaire to hear and see. They made sex cheap and dirty. I only wanted Blaire to see it the way it was with the two of us. Not this twisted shit.

“Be a good girl and get na**d while I talk to the boy here. Play nice and I might let him kiss that hot slick pu**y too.”

“Ooooh, good. Two instead of one,” she giggled as she pulled the string to her top so that it fell to the floor baring her br**sts right there in front of all of us. Again, this was normal behavior when I’d come to visit my dad but things were different now.

“Day---um, she’s got them big ni**les pierced,” my dad said before downing the rest of his whiskey and standing up.

“I’m going back to my room to check on Blaire. I’ll talk to you when she’s gone,” I said with disgust before heading to the door.

“What crawled up his ass? He normally loves enjoying the hot pu**y we bring back here,” Kiro asked as I left the room.

I didn’t waste time getting back to Blaire. She was still curled up on the bed. I slipped off my shoes and went to lie down beside her. Tucking her against me I enjoyed having her close. This was so much more than anything my dad had ever had in his life. The shallowness of his relationships made me feel sorry for him. I knew what he was missing out on. Even with all his success in life he had missed it somehow. So many years lost.

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