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Try (Temptation #1)(5)
Ella Frank

The man’s hair looked as though he had just removed the headgear. His brown curls were all over the place. He moved through the pass and turned back to face Logan. When the guy flashed that same relaxed grin from yesterday, Logan’s erection went from interested to rock-fucking-hard.

Christ, it’s official. I have a hard-on for a straight guy. That’s just terrific.

“That’s your poison, right?”

“Right,” Logan agreed.

Stacy quickly gave Logan a wink.

I really need to get his name.

“I’ll leave you to it then,” she told her coworker, walking farther down the bar toward a newly seated customer.

As the guy opposite him turned, picked up a bar towel, and poked it into the waist of his pants, Logan took the opportunity to have a good, long look at the way the guy’s black fabric molded to his ass. Wishing he already had a drink to soothe the urges riding him, Logan made sure that his face was neutral when the bartender came back to him.

“Give me one minute. I have to put my gear in the back and punch in.”

As he sauntered down the bar, Logan noticed several customers’ eye him, and he had to wonder why the guy had gone out of his way to interrupt Stacy before he was even settled in.

Interested? No, you moron. It’s because of the tip from last night. He’s back for more.

Logan told his body to calm the hell down. This was nice scenery, but that was all it would ever be. The guy was obviously just doing his job, and here Logan was, fixating on him, like some fucking weirdo. Logan hadn’t been able to stop thinking about the man all damn night, not to mention while at work today.

Finally getting his body to cooperate, Logan felt his phone vibrate, and he turned it over to see a text from Jessica.

Jessica: So, are you free next month?

Sure. Why not? That woman’s pussy had been tight and warm, and he wouldn’t mind revisiting it. But right now, right this second, his interests lay with a body that was completely different in physicality.

He picked up the phone, opened the message, and replied.

Next month sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to see you—all of you.

When he placed the phone down, he was surprised to find the bartender now standing across from him.

Oh, so the guy is stealthy, too.

“Here’s your drink.” He pushed the glass across the counter.

Logan saw those brown eyes almost smiling at him as the bartender waited, and Logan wondered what exactly he was waiting for. “I would thank you, but I don’t know your name.”

The guy reached behind his back to the towel tucked into his pants, and he pulled it in front of him and started moving it over the bar top. Logan was curious if it was a habit of his, or maybe it was just something he did when he felt nervous or unsure.

“You can’t thank a stranger? I just served one.”

“That’s true.” Logan lifted the glass to his lips.

He didn’t look away as he took a sip, and he became curious when the other man didn’t turn away either. Lowering his drink back to the bar, Logan kept his fingers wrapped around it as he swirled the glass around.

“I’m Logan.”

A confident smirk crossed the bartender’s lips, and he moved his hands to tuck the towel back into his pants, immediately drawing Logan’s gaze to his waist.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Logan. I’ll be back when you need a refill.”

Well played. Logan watched the back of the still-nameless guy move away from him. Well fucking played.

* * *

Tate couldn’t help but feel somewhat cocky as he walked away from Mr. Gin and—Logan.

Last night, when he was finally at home relaxing, he’d found himself replaying the entire conversation with Logan, trying to pinpoint why it had seemed so unusual. Finally, he had worked it out.

It was because the guy had been checking him out.

This guy, Logan, had been flirting with him.

It had been subtle, but when Tate thought about the words exchanged, they’d definitely had a flirtatious undertone, and that was when he came to his final conclusion. Logan was gay. He had to be.

Tate couldn’t believe that he hadn’t realized it sooner. In his profession, it wasn’t like he was a stranger to both women and men hitting on him, but for some reason, he hadn’t seen it right away with this guy.

Maybe he’d missed it because he had witnessed the look between Logan and the redhead. Or maybe he was delusional and totally off base, and the guy was just a little odd.

Why else would he say no to the redhead? Unless he’s married? But the way he looked me over…it was like he thought I was—hot?

Well, no matter what it was, now that Tate had his theory, he figured there was no harm in flirting right back. Usually, he kept the charm for the women, but if it made this Logan guy a regular paying customer, Tate saw no harm in it. He was comfortable enough with his sexuality.

“Hey, Tate, looks like you caught the attention of one of our regulars.”

Tate turned his head toward Stacy, who was standing beside him, pouring some ingredients into a blender filled with ice.

Choosing to act ignorant, he asked, “Oh yeah? Who would that be?”

“Logan, the guy at the end of the bar. Suit, glasses, gorgeous blue eyes. Flirts every time his mouth is open.” She let out a dramatic sigh.

When Tate looked over his shoulder, he saw that Logan was actually staring at both of them. He wasn’t smiling, and Tate made sure to have a neutral expression on his face as he stared back at the man.

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