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Try (Temptation #1)(3)
Ella Frank

“Nothing. I guess I just changed my mind.”

“Jesus, man, why would you do that? She’s sexy as hell.”

Logan took another quick drink, draining the contents of the glass, when his body tensed, reacting to the word sexy coming from that smooth voice. It was as if the bartender had just run his hand over Logan’s groin.

Usually, the employees at After Hours weren’t exactly chatty, and if they were, the conversations were always polite. This place was high-end, not like the local pub, and the fact that this guy was standing here, blatantly checking out the clientele, made Logan do a double take of the woman.

“Agreed. She is hot.”

“Want another?” He gestured toward the empty highball glass.

“Sure. So…you’re new here.”

The bartender nodded, his dark hair shifting with the motion of his head, as he looked across at Logan. “You’re obviously not since you know that. I started yesterday.”

“Well, I guess you could say I’m a regular. I work next door.”

The new drink was pushed in his direction, and Logan picked it up without taking his eyes off the man. He was getting some kind of vibe from him, but he was pretty sure it wasn’t the one he was hoping for.

Probably just a new employee appreciating a decent customer.

But every thought running through Logan’s head right now, especially one in particular, was definitely not decent.

That was when the bartender gave another pearly-white grin as he motioned his head down the bar. “Well, have to get back to my fans. Let me know if you want to buy the sexy redhead that drink. You look like you need to unwind, if you know what I mean.”

Before Logan could even get a word out—much less, No, I fucking don’t. What do you mean?—the guy had moved away, and he was now flirting with a blonde woman. She was giving him an exclusive view down her ample tits, and Logan couldn’t stop himself from watching the newest After Hours employee while he drained his second drink.

Fuck, things just got a little more complicated.

Just when he figured life was going to be easy and hand him a woman to bend over his desk, it threw him a nice fucking curve.

Batter up! I want to play with some balls.

* * *

Standing opposite a curvaceous blonde, Tate concentrated on mixing her cocktail. This was only his second night working at After Hours, but he’d been bartending for years.

Only one of the many things Diana hated.

No matter what he’d done during their marriage, nothing had ever made her happy.

They’d been inseparable when they first started dating. If she’d been in a room with him, he’d likely ended up inside her. They hadn’t been able to keep their hands off each other, and although that made for one hot bed at night, it sure as hell hadn’t stopped the ice-cold jealousy from trickling through the cracks of their faulty foundation.

Their life or love or whatever the hell it was, had been built on lust, and when lust had morphed into the green-eyed monster, their marriage had fallen into the toxic bin.

Now, the mere sight of her made Tate want to punch something.

After he finished shaking the fruity concoction, he poured the bright red drink into a tall glass and added a slice of pineapple, a straw, and miniscule paper umbrella. He then slid it across the bar to the blonde.

“That’ll be twelve.” He winked and gave her a sexy smirk, knowing it would get him a tip.

It was the same expression he’d offered only minutes ago to the guy at the end of the bar—the same guy that Tate could feel was still watching him.

The lady slid a twenty across the smooth surface, and she made no apologies as she eyed his body. When her gaze came back up and met his own, she flicked her tongue out and played with the straw as though she were licking the tip of his cock.

“Keep the change,” she offered in a provocative tone.

Tate took the bill and picked up a small black napkin. As she leaned closer, he made sure to admire her impressive breasts, and then he placed the small square in front of her for her glass.

“Thank you,” he accepted.

Without a second thought, the woman placed her cool hand over his. “It’s my pleasure.”

Tate knew this was all part of his job. Be flirtatious with the ladies and friendly with the men, and obviously, never cross too far over the line. He also knew that most of the businessmen and women in the area usually frequented the bar after work on their way home…or maybe they came in to avoid going home. Who knows, and who cares? Either way, his job was to be the friendly ear, get them what they wanted, and make them want to come back, so that was what he did. If he threw a little flirtation into the mix, it was only because he’d perfected it to a fine art. Plus, he always got better tips that way.

“Mine too, but I need to get back to my other customers.” He gently removed his hand and straightened up from where he’d been leaning on the bar.

“What time do you finish tonight?”

Tate smoothed a hand down over his black vest. “Late. What time do you start work tomorrow?”

“Early,” Blondie drawled. She sucked the end of the straw between her shiny, red lips.

“Ah, now, that’s a shame, isn’t it?” Tate commiserated and found that he actually meant it as his cock showed signs of interest for the first time in a long while. “Guess we’re just two ships in the night.”

Boldly, she ran her gaze down his body once again. “You here tomorrow night?”

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