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Try (Temptation #1)(10)
Ella Frank

The words sank into Tate’s head, settling in, and then they started to make a whole lot more sense—until Logan, as usual, threw another can of gasoline on the fire.

“I’d like to try you.”

* * *

Logan monitored Tate’s face closely as he seemed to digest exactly what he’d just said. First came the shock, his face flushed, and Logan almost laughed. The embarrassment though was accompanied by such a look of bewilderment as if he didn’t know what the fuck to say.

Logan decided to let him off the hook. “It’s okay, Tate. I don’t expect an answer, but I thought it best to be up front, considering…”

Out came the white towel, and Logan stared at it as Tate ran it between his hands.

“Considering? Considering what?”

“Considering you seemed so confused when, really, there is nothing to be confused about.”

“Except for the fact that I’m straight,” Tate finally announced.

Logan toyed with his glass for a moment before he conceded. “Yes, well, I don’t let little things like that stand in my way.”

Tate started laughing and seemed to regain his footing as Logan let the robust sounds reverberate through him.

“You’re full of confidence, I’ll give you that. But I have to tell you, you’re barking up the wrong tree.”

“Am I?” Logan responded quickly.

“Yes. I just got out of a horrible marriage. Even if I were interested, why would I try something with you? Last night, you told me yourself that you’ve fucked everyone I work with. Now, I’m just wondering which women and which men.”

Logan, not the least bit deterred, lifted his glass. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

“Well, I can just ask them all and cause mass anarchy in the After Hours ranks.”

“You could. Or you could get to know me better and ask me again at a more appropriate time.”

Tate’s dark brow rose in suspicion. “And when would that be?”

Logan knew that Tate was expecting something sexual to come out of his mouth, so he leaned in close, and he was delighted when Tate followed suit. He wondered for a moment if Tate even realized he did it.

“When Amelia isn’t making her way over here to kick your ass.”

Logan gave him a shit-eating grin and sat back as Tate turned to see exactly what he had been referring to.

* * *

Tate focused on his coworker, who was glaring up at him as if he had stolen her personal property, while he tried to make sense of everything that had just happened. Amelia was a good distraction really, as she stepped around and ignored him completely, only to smile at the man who was currently baffling the shit out of him.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize your glass was empty, Logan.”

Tate didn’t know why, but the fact that she used his first name irritated him. It also made it abundantly clear that she had definitely been one of the coworkers who had been fucked—and thankful.

“It’s fine, hon. Tate and I were just talking guy stuff.”

We were? News to me. Tate glared at Logan, from where he stood beside Amelia.

“Yeah, he was telling me about his bike. You make sure to come see me before I leave.”

Tate had to hand it to the guy. He was smooth under pressure.

I wonder what he does for a living.

“Okay, I just wanted to make sure you were taken care of.”

As Amelia’s words floated through the air, Tate locked eyes with those vibrant blue ones.

Logan replied, “I am most definitely being taken care of.”

Shit. The guy needs to cool it and stop being so fucking obvious. People are going to start talking when there is nothing to even say.

“Amelia?” Logan turned back to her and gave a quick wink. “Don’t go too far, okay?”

Tate groaned quietly in disgust and shook his head as she giggled and aimed a triumphant grin in his direction.

He offered a smile that he hoped was happy. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to get in the middle.”

Placing a hand on his upper arm, Amelia squeezed as she licked her lips. No longer annoyed, she flirted in the same way—he was positive—she had just done with Logan. “Oh, you didn’t, but that’s a great idea,” she said in a seductive purr.

Tate’s eyes widened slightly as he turned back to Logan. He felt like Logan had somehow set the whole thing up, but even Logan looked somewhat shocked. However, instead of remaining mute like Tate, Logan raised his glass.

“That’s a fantastic idea.”

Tate patted Amelia’s hand and removed it from his arm, as she grinned at him and then walked away.

Tate aimed a glare in Logan’s direction. “You think this is funny, don’t you?”

“No, I actually think it’s a fantastic idea.”

Tate shook his head. “You’re unbalanced. It’s never going to happen.”

“Scared?” Logan inquired, showing his teeth in a warped version of a grin.

Tate knew Logan expected him to run, so he stood his ground instead. “I like to think of it as smart.”

“Yet, you’re still here, talking to me,” Logan reminded him.

“Well, it’s quieter now, and you’re rather entertaining once I look past the inappropriate comments.”

“What? It’s inappropriate to tell you I want to fuck you? Would it have been better if I were drunk?”

Tate completely lost the ability to form words at that blunt declaration. As he looked around quickly, he heard Logan laugh.

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