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Hell's Knights (The MC Sinners #1)(9)
Bella Jewel

“No, I’m just fuckin’ busy.”

“Who’s the new chick?”

I flinch, knowing full well she’s talking about me. I turn, staring over at her. She scowls at me, as she lets her gaze slide over my body. I return the favor, letting her see that there’s no way in hell I’m intimidated by her.

“That’s Jackson’s little girl, best you shut your mouth around her,” Cade says.

Britney snorts. “Jackson and me have an understanding. He won’t mind me making sure she knows her place around here.”

“An understanding?” Cade snorts. “You mean you sucked his dick and earned a moment of respect?”


“Fuck you, Cade. I wouldn’t have to suck dick if you just made me your old lady.”

Ah, so she’s not his old lady. Interesting.

“Not gonna happen, lady, so stop fuckin’ tryin’.”

“Whatever. I came to tell you Jackson is lookin’ for you. It’s time for church.”

Church, a bikers once a week meeting that they all have to attend, no excuses. Cade stands, ignoring her. He turns, leans over the bar, and flashes me that panty-dropping smile.

“We’ll finish our conversation later, sugar.”

Then he turns and saunters out looking like God’s gift to women. Okay, so the likeliness is that he is, in fact, God’s gift. Which just makes it that much harder to look away. I let my eyes swing to Britney, who is now glaring at me. She’s giving me the kind of look that suggests it’s my fault her piece of ass just walked out. I give her my best smile, turn and walk off, but not before hearing her mumble the one word that tears at my heart strings and has my whole body burning with hurt, even though I don’t let it show.

She calls me a whore.


“Clean up, then I’ll take you home.”

I turn and see Jackson leaning against the bar. I’ve been working here for a week now, and so far things have been good. Most of the guys are kind to me, though they are all very rough. The girls are still unsure, but all of them show a certain level of respect because I’m Jackson’s daughter. Fair enough, I suppose, but I would prefer to earn my own respect.

“I’m just going to walk,” I say softly, placing the final glass down. Let me tell you, if I have to clean glasses after this experience, I’ll stab myself in the eye with a blunt instrument.

“You okay, girl?” he asks, straightening and focusing on me.

Jackson has been trying, he really has. He even filled the house with food and put his clothes in the laundry basket instead of all over the house. I know that’s an effort for him, and it’s an effort I appreciate. We’ve had a few basic conversations, but mostly, we stay out of each other’s way. I feel a certain pull towards Jackson that I’m trying to fight. If I get too close to him, then I’ll struggle to walk away, and I know I have to walk away.

“I’m fine, just tired.”

He nods, digging into his pocket and pulling out a wad of cash. He hands it to me, and I stare down at it.

“What’s this?”

“First weeks’ pay.”

My hearts swells as I stare down at the cash. To most, this wouldn’t be a memorable moment, for me, it’s the beginning of my new life. I earned this on my own, without having to rely on another person. This cash, it’s all mine.

“Thank you,” I breathe, still staring at what has to be at least $500.

“You earned it, now go home, the girls can finish up here.”

I nod, and I attempt to give him a smile. He returns it, flashing me what would be an award-winning smile.

“Thanks, Jackson.”

He nods, and turns to walk out. When he gets to the door, he glances over at me. “One day, I hope you’ll call me Dad.” Then he leaves me there, feeling that ache in my heart spread further through my chest. I believe that ache might be the beginnings of something I’ve never felt for a parent before – I think that ache is love.

Shaking my head and forcing the emotions down, I finish up and pack my things. I’m just heading out the door, when I hear moaning. I don’t know if I would call it a natural reaction, or a built in reaction, but I find my curiosity getting the better of me, and I follow the sound. When I step into a large, open room, with a few pool tables and a karaoke machine, I see Cade and Britney. I can’t turn my eyes away. I can’t because the sight before me is so erotic, my blood heats instantly. My chest begins heaving, and my fingers curl around the doorframe as I peer in, watching them. I shouldn’t be watching them, but it’s so hard to look away from a sight so utterly…filthy.

Cade is standing against the far wall, his back is to the brick and his fingers are tangled in Britney’s hair. She’s on her knees, head sliding up and down as she sucks his cock. He doesn’t even have his jeans off, they’re just open enough to give her access. His eyes are closed, and every now and then he makes a light grunting sound. He looks so delicious standing there like that, eyes closed, head back, chest heaving and skin glistening with a fine layer of sweat. Britney’s head bobs faster, and Cade’s groans become deeper. I feel my pussy swell and begin a gentle throbbing as all my blood redirects itself.

With a growl, Cade tugs Britney’s hair, pulling her back and releasing his cock from her mouth. I let my eyes travel down to the large, hard part of him that’s now freed from her mouth. He’s massive, not that I expected any less from a man with his build. His cock is covered in a yellow condom, but I can see from the bumps at the ends, that he’s pierced. I can’t move my eyes away; I don’t want to. I just want to stand here and stare at him all day. I watch as he lifts Britney, placing her on a pool table. He lays her down, hoisting her skirt up until she’s bare before him. Then he spreads her legs. I swallow a gasp as her pussy comes into sight, glistening, bare and ready for him.

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