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Hell's Knights (The MC Sinners #1)(11)
Bella Jewel

“You might not think you’re worth fighting for, or breathing for, but let me tell you, sugar – everyone deserves to be fought for, even those who think they aren’t worth it.”

Then he lets me go, turns and walks off, leaving me utterly speechless.

Well hell, the biker is deep.




“Don’t fucking bitch at me, Addison.”

I stare at my mother, cigarette in her mouth, hair in tangles, wearing nothing but a bra and panties. The man she just serviced is passed out on her bed. He’s old and fat. I am guessing he’s also rich, by the looks of the suit that’s hanging over the back of a nearby chair. Why would any rich man feel the need to put himself anywhere near a woman like my mother? Heck, couldn’t he just order a bride or something?

“We have no food, again. You’ve spent all your money on drugs!”

I am arguing with my mother yet again because there’s no food in the house. Once again, she’s spent all our money on drugs. She grins at me, showing rotting teeth. “You don’t seem to complain about the drugs I buy, considering you make good use of them.”

“To avoid reality when your pimp decides he wants a piece of my ass!”

She rolls her eyes. “Don’t be so dramatic. Jasper is only giving you what you’re allowing him to give.”

“Are you fucking serious?” I shout, my voice high and angry.

“Yes, I’m fucking serious,” she says in a sing song voice.

Nothing is serious to her, nothing at all. She’s just an emotionless soul trapped in a beaten body.

“You know what, I am sick of trying to talk to you. I’ll go find my own way to get some food.”

“Use that pretty mouth, honey; the men will come running.”

I stare at her, completely horrified. “I hope you rot in hell, I really do.”

She smirks again. “If I’m goin’ to hell, honey, you’re comin’ with me.”

Stupid bitch. I lean down, gripping her purse and opening it. I toss the contents out until I find her stash of money right down the bottom. She thinks I don’t know that she keeps bits in there for herself. She lunges at me, screaming loudly as I fist the wad of cash and clench it tightly. Her fingernails slide down my skin as she grips my hair, clawing at me to try and force me to let it go. I slap her hard, and she goes stumbling back. She lunges again, though, ramming my middle section.

“Stupid little whore!” she yells.

“Learned from the best,” I growl, attempting to kick her off me once more.

“Whoa, whoa, ladies…”

We both see the fat, ugly man rising from the bed. His belly is hanging far over any parts that may, or may not be, present. I feel the need to throw up. He stands, pulling his pants on with heavy grunts. Then he walks over to the two of us, still squabbling over some cash.

“Jesus, never seen two women fighting like scrawny cats over some cash before. Here,” he says, thrusting a fifty at me.

I take the money, letting go of the bundle in my hand. My mother gathers it back up, snarling curses at me. I take a few steps back, clutching the fifty in my hand, not willing to give it back, so the fucker better not change his mind. He stares at me, clutching the money like it’s a matter of life or death.

“I’m not takin’ it back, girl,” he mumbles.

Then I hear him mutter, “Pathetic.” And that’s exactly how I feel right now, well, most days in fact.

Just pathetic.


“Addison, is it?”

I turn when I hear the sexy, smooth female voice speaking to me. I’m just heading out of the compound after my morning shift at the bar in my second week. I see Britney rushing towards me, blonde hair flapping in the breeze, tits bouncing; the girl really should lock those up. When she stops in front of me, she’s panting. She puts a finger up and indicates that I wait while she heaves and catches her breath. Is this bitch serious? I stand there, staring down at her with an amused expression. She straightens once she’s caught her breath, and crosses her arms, looking over me. I do the same, giving her my best ‘are you finished?’ look.

“You’re Cade’s new flavor, seriously?”

I raise my brows. “I’m sorry, I’m nobody’s flavor.”

She grins, showing teeth too perfect for her face. They’re likely fake. I’ve been watching her smoke like a chimney all day; it’s not possible for them to be that white. “Oh, honey, but you are his flavor. He likes new girls. He likes to play with them, tell them nice things, fuck them, and send them on their way. I’m the only one Cade Duke takes twice.”

Cade Duke? What a stupid name.

I give her a rude snort. “That’s so nice for you, really. I’m thrilled that you feel so…happy…about being used. I, however, don’t get involved with men like Cade and I certainly don’t discuss it with his toys.”

Her eyes narrow and she scowls. “Be very careful how you speak to me, Addison.”

“Oh, right, and what are you going to do if I’m not careful?”

She raises her hand, fist bunched, ready to hit me, but I catch the punch mid-air. Her eyes widen, and for a moment, she’s stunned. That’s all I need, I twist her arm, bringing it around her back, making her bend with a squeal. She cries out loudly.

“Listen to me, lady. If you ever try to lay a hand on me again, I’ll break this arm. Unlike you, I have a certain level of respect for myself. If you have a problem with whoring yourself out, that’s your business; it ain’t mine. I’m here to work, get some money, and leave.”

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