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Hell's Knights (The MC Sinners #1)(10)
Bella Jewel

I clench my legs together as the throbbing turns into a painful thud. A huge part of me wants to be the one on that table, feeling his cock sliding in and out of my heat. Cade is the kind of man you want to fuck, just for the experience. Not only is he gorgeous, I also have no doubt he can fuck just as beautifully as he charms women. His body moves like a sleek panther, slow, sexy, prowling. His tongue slides out, wetting his lower lip as he circles the pool table, hand on his cock, stroking gently. I make a light whimpering sound, and that’s when he looks up. His eyes meet mine and burn into me. I feel my body jerk, but I don’t turn away.

Most women would run, but part of me wants him to know he’s been caught. Our eyes hold each other’s for a long moment, and I can see that he’s still stroking his cock, even though I’m not focusing directly on it. When I finally force my eyes from his, I let them slide down to his hand once more. I take in the sight for a second longer, before taking a step to back out of the room. Cade’s eyes widen just a touch, and he grips his jeans, pulling them up over his hard length. Britney notices his movement, and sits up, catching me in the doorway. She smirks, and sits with her legs still parted enough to show her pussy. Seriously?

“Oops, princess caught us.”

Why does she assume I’m a princess? Seriously? Do all girls just assume other women they don’t know, are bratty? I turn on my heel, deciding now would be a good time to leave them to it. I hear Cade call my name, and then I hear Britney protesting.

“Let her go, Cade. I thought we were going to fuck?”

“Yeah, babe, turns out I’m really not fuckin’ interested. Go fuck someone else.”

“You were interested a second ago, until she came along!”

He snorts. “No, I was just too fuckin’ lazy to pull myself.”

“You jerk!”

I grin as I turn the corner and walk to the front door. Cade catches up to me when I am just about at the front gates. I hear his boots crunching in the gravel long before I hear his sexy voice filling my ears.

“You liked what you saw.”

It’s not a question. It’s a simple fact.

“Does it matter if I did, or if I didn’t?” I say over my shoulder.

He grips my arm, spinning me around. His green eyes hold mine. God, he’s so fucking devastating to look at. He literally makes everything hurt with want.

“It matters, sugar.”

“No, it doesn’t.”

“Does to me, ‘coz you know I want inside those panties. I’ve never wanted inside a girl as much as I want inside you,” he drawls.

“Seems like you have plenty of panties to crawl into,” I say, grinning at him.

He steps closer, leaning down until I can feel his warm breath against my skin. He smells like beer, and Britney’s perfume. It’s not off putting though, in fact, it’s quite a sexual smell.

“Girls like Britney, they’re what you use when doing it yourself is just too hard. They don’t feel great, they don’t perform great, they’re just easy. If I wanted a simple fuck, then sure, I’ve got plenty of panties to crawl into. I don’t want a simple fuck though, I want something that’s real. Something like you…”

I cross my arms. “Why the fascination. You don’t know me, Cade. Besides, aren’t you banned from having sexual relations with the President’s daughter?”

“If you had been around the entire time, sure. You haven’t, though. Jackson ain’t got a say so when it comes to you, so no, there ain’t nothin’ hold me back from takin’ what I want…”

“Why would you want me?” I ask, a little shocked and confused.

“Girls like you are what all men want, sugar.”

“You don’t know what kind of girl I am, Cade.”

“I do,” he says, his voice husky. “I know exactly what kinda girl you are.”

“Fill me in on that, won’t you?”

He leans closer, lifting his heavily ringed fingers to stroke my cheek so lightly, I tremble.

“You’re the kind of girl that makes a man want to stop what he’s doing, just so he can get a moment to look at that angelic face – a face that will keep him awake for the rest of his fuckin’ life. That’s the kind of girl you are, sugar.”

I swallow, feeling my body coming to life beneath his touch.

“I think you’re wrong,” I breathe as he leans even closer.

“I’m not wrong. I’ve seen a lot of people in my life, and I’ve been with a lot of girls. None of them are as real as you. I’ll fuck you, sugar. I’ll claim you because you’re the meaning of need. You’re what I’ve been lookin’ for.”

Is he serious? I tremble as he moves even closer, bringing his lips only millimeters from mine. I swallow over and over, trying to think of anything else but him. How could he possibly want me that much, after a mere week and a bit? It’s not possible; he doesn’t know me. He just wants something different, a challenge perhaps? I don’t know, but I do know he’s completely wrong about me.

“I’m not what anybody looks for. I’m not what they fight for. I’m not what they breathe for. I’m not the girl you think I am.”

He leans down, shocking me as he slides his lips over mine, gently at first, then roughly when I begin to respond. I can’t help my hand, as it lifts up to wrap around the chain on his jeans. I tug it, bringing him closer. His boots crunch in the dirt as he takes a step closer, pressing his body against mine. I open my mouth, allowing his tongue to slide in and tangle with mine. His fingers travel up my neck, over my cheek and then he thrusts them into my hair, tangling it around them. The kiss is the kind of kiss that stops your breath, the kind of kiss that stops everything. For a split second, all I can feel is him. When he pulls back, I snake my tongue out and lick the last of him off my bottom lip.

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