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Hetch (Men OF S.W.A.T #1)(15)
River Savage

Whatever it is, I’m not giving up.

Not yet at least.



“What is your deal? At least that one’s cute.” Payton scolds me as the waitress walks back to the bar, drink still firmly on her tray.

“I’m not interested.” I shrug, knowing they won’t understand.

“Please, we just watched you walk past him, adding a little extra sway in your hips.” My cousin Sophie cuts in.

“What? I was walking.” I don’t try to hide my lie. Seriously, could I have been any more obvious?

“I’m with the girls. That was rude. You’ve been eye-fucking him since he walked in, sending the poor guy mixed signals and then you send the drink back.” Fiona, the final link in our foursome, adds her opinion to the table.

Tonight we’re out for a girls’ night. Something we’re not able to do too often these days.

Between Payton’s time restraints with Arabella; Fee and Sophie’s new business venture, and my heavy caseload at work, we’ve barely seen each other in the last few weeks.

“Please, I'm a grown woman, Fee. I can admire the view. I can also buy my own drink.” I place my straw in my mouth and watch them all shake their head in disbelief.

“You’re crazy. I get the first guy’s brushoff, but this one, he’s sexy as fuck.” Sophie sets her disappointed eyes on me.

Sophie’s mom and my mom are sisters. Extremely close sisters. This meant we spent practically every moment of our lives growing up together. Born only a few days apart, it was almost like we were twins. Growing up with a built-in best friend was awesome. The first day of school was always less stressful, heading off to college was less daunting. Christmas was always fun and the few times we’ve had a fight, we knew there was no getting rid of each other. Even now, thirty years on, she may be my cousin, but she’s also one of my best friends.

“Come on, guys, I told you all, I’m on a sabbatical.” They all groan, clearly thinking my sabbatical is a bad idea.

“Accepting a drink doesn’t have to lead to sex,” Fee presses, in the mood to argue with me on this tonight.

Fiona is the type of friend who gives it to you straight and isn’t about to apologize for it. I met her six years ago when I moved back from college. I had just started at Boys Haven. She was the house cook. The boys loved her cooking, and I loved her carefree, no-bullshit personality. We hit it off right away, and even if some days she pisses me off with her bluntness, I know she’ll always be there for me.

“It does when the guy is that hot,” I admit, knowing damn well he’s too dangerous for me. Sure, looking is fine, but accepting a drink will only lead to having to speak. And by the looks of the guy in question, I can almost say with certainty talking would lead to more.

I need to stay strong.

“Hang on a minute, rubbing one off to a stranger behind a wall is okay, but accepting a drink from a cute guy isn’t?” Sophie questions.

“No, 'cause her sabbatical only includes penetration,” Payton mocks me.


“I’m never going to live this down, am I?” I look to each one of my friends, wishing I didn’t trust them with the stupid shit I do.

“Girl, you think we’d let you off the hook? Hell no. This is too much fun.” Payton winks.

“What happened with apartment nine anyway?” Sophie takes the conversation back to my issue with my neighbor. “You still haven’t met him?”

“No, she left him a note, telling him to keep it down,” Payton tells them before I can.

“But you were the one who was loud.” Fee points out the lack of logic in my actions.

“It was a personal moment. He shouldn’t have eavesdropped.” I tell them my reasoning behind the little note I left. It wasn’t like I was rude about it. I just said maybe he should be a little quieter.

“So it’s okay for you to listen to him fucking, but because he joined in with you, he’s in the wrong?”

“Yes.” I nod, unsure to what I’m agreeing. Fuck me. I need another drink.

“Girl, you need to get your vibrator back out. I think you’re losing rational reasoning every week you don’t have an orgasm.” The table erupts in laughter, and I let it wash it over me.

“Ha ha. No, I don’t need cock. I need to find myself. This issue with the neighbor is a setback. It’s done. It’s over. We need to move on.”

“Well, if finding yourself is what you’re after, I think you’re about to find it in another setback.” Fee’s smug look confuses me for a second until Payton’s eyes find mine.

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