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Hetch (Men OF S.W.A.T #1)(13)
River Savage

All the questioning in the world won’t give me the answer I’m looking for; all I can do is wait.

“You doing okay, Hetch?” Sterling steps into command as soon as the lieutenant steps out.

“Yep, good job out there.” I don’t relay the lieutenant’s conversation, opting to keep it to myself for now.

“The team is heading to The Elephant after debriefing, you in?”

“Yeah, I’m in.” I school my features the best I can and act like I didn’t get a warning to sort my shit out. The truth is the lieutenant’s words have me stuck in a gray area.

Maybe team leader holds too much power over me. Or maybe I am the only one holding me back.

I have to figure out what it is I want.

’Cause right now, I’m not sure.

* * *

“I want her.” I signal as the woman I’ve been eyeing stands from her table and moves toward us. Her short blonde hair hangs below her jaw in soft, loose curls.

Fuck, just enough to hold on to.

Her sharp green eyes find mine briefly before she drops her gaze to the floor. A small, possibly shy smile drags my eyes down to her mouth. She’s wearing red on her lips, and the small dip in the top pout has my cock wanting to claim every inch of her fuckable mouth.

Jesus, she’s fucking beautiful.

I noticed her as soon as we walked into The Elephant twenty minutes ago, and I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off her.

“You keep going at this rate, you’ll blow through all the available women in town.” Sterling throws back the remainder of his beer. He’s not gonna fight me on it. He just wants to give me shit.

“You going to start on me too?” I continue to watch the blonde. Her hips sway from side to side as she makes her way to the restrooms. I’m not fucking stupid; the little sway is for show. Like a fucking peacock displaying her feathers. Presenting herself to me.

“You won’t hear any complaints from me. Who’s giving you a hard time?”

“Who isn’t? Mom, Kota, my new fucking neighbor.” My mind skips over my mom and sister and flashes to the mystery woman who’s managed to turn me on and surprise me at the same time.

“I still don’t know why you’re in that place when you have a perfectly livable house.” Sterling nods to RJ, signaling for another beer. He doesn’t bother checking if I want another. He’s picked up my vice for the evening will be pussy, not alcohol.

The truth is I’ve had the house for over three years. Before my father killed himself, he was helping me renovate. The first two years after his death, I couldn’t go back. The reminder of him around the place was too raw. Too fresh. It’s only been in the last twelve months I’ve started spending days off out there. Slowly working on it. Of course, I don’t tell Sterling any of this.

“I told you, I’m not living there until I’m done fixing it up.” I know it’s counterproductive, paying a mortgage on my own place and paying rent in town, but the house needs major work, and I refuse to live in the mess of construction while I renovate. The job most days takes it out of you, coming home to chaos won’t cut it for me. I don’t need the clutter in my life.

“So what about this new neighbor? Nosey old bat is she?” The bastard smirks, probably looking forward to the story.

“Not that I know of.” I shake my head, still unable to get her out of my mind. Her soft whimpers the other night when I heard her pleasuring herself, the sharp gasp of air when she realized I was listening. It all keeps replaying over and over.

Jesus, I need a do-over.

“What do you mean?” Fox asks, drawing me out of my own personal wet dream. The whole team is here, and even though I didn’t want to head out after training, I’m glad I did.

“I’ve never seen her,” I tell him, knowing it’s only going to generate more questions. These little team get-togethers are the only time I see the moody bastard relax enough to drop the permanent scowl he wears and open up enough to know behind the steely attitude, he’s genuinely a good guy.

“How is this possible?” His eyes fill with suspicion like he thinks I’m keeping something from them.

“Well, she only moved in a few weeks ago, you know how it is. Between training and late night call outs, I barely see anyone these days.” They all nod, agreeing with my summary of the life of Trebook’s tactical team.

“So what is she doing to piss you off?” Sterling presses for more information.

I’m not sure pissing me off would be the correct word to describe the woman in apartment seven. I’m not even sure she realizes she’s pissing me off.

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