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Hetch (Men OF S.W.A.T #1)(12)
River Savage

The two teams will breach the building. Team One-alpha, consisting of Hart and Sterling, will go through the air vents. Team Two-bravo, comprising of Fox and Tate, will enter through a window on the fourth floor. Sterling and Hart will release a flash bang, creating enough distraction to get both teams down on the ground. Sterling and Hart will then cover the hostages while Tate will cover Fox, giving him enough time to secure Kaighn before he has a chance to use his weapon.

That’s the plan. We just need to pull it off.

“Copy. Alpha team in place.” Hart checks in for the first time, letting me know he’s on board.

Ryan Hart is the oldest member of the team. Before I made the team, he was the top negotiator the force had. Then four years ago, the poor bastard lost his wife to cancer. Mourning his loss, and trying to figure out the ropes of being a single dad to his two kids, he stepped down from the team and took a leave of absence. It took a few years for him to return. First coming on part-time, and then working his way back up. After passing his physical and mental exams last month, he was offered a full-time spot back on the team.

“Bravo team in place,” Fox whispers, confirming both teams are ready. Even though this is the second run through of the day, it's a new play, one I want to make sure we get right.

“Alpha team on my count. Three, two, one.”

“Alpha team breaching now,” Sterling speaks through his coms. The flash bang is loud enough for me to hear it outside the perimeter.

“Bravo team down,” I order, watching them all unfold the play on the small feed in the command unit. Hart’s flash bang is enough to get the boys on the ground while Fox and Tate manage to secure the weapon and place Kaighn in custody. It all happens fast like we’ve trained.

In and out in ninety seconds.

“Subject secure. All hostages safe.” The final coms come from Sterling, letting me know the play worked, and our team pulled it off.

“Good job, Sergeant Hetcherson.” My lieutenant taps me on the back, reminding me today’s training session was being closely watched. “Risky to split the team up like that, but it played out for you.”

“Thank you, sir.” I release the earpiece from my ear. Today’s training drill was to assess if the team is cohesively working as a unit. While each and every one of us is an asset to the team, we still need to make sure we’re working as one. I think after that run-through, both teams, not just ours, proved where we belong.

“Tell me. You’ve been acting team leader for three months now?”

“Yes, sir.” I nod, wondering where he’s going with this. It’s been a week since psych evaluation, and so far, I haven’t been removed from duty.

Is today the day I get pulled?

“You still feel like you’re the best person for the job?”

“I can’t answer that, sir. Only you and the team can.” I don’t know what to say, or if I should say anything. I want to say when I’m on the job, I’m focused, I’m switched on, and for the most part, I am, but when you’re constantly questioned on your mental ability in these sorts of situations, you can start to doubt yourself.

“You passed your physical, you requalify at the top of your team every year, but as you are aware, we had over twenty applicants for new team leader.”

“Yes, sir. I was aware.”

“Your psych testing.” He pauses.

Fuck, here we go.

“The guy was a pompous ass. Got in my head.” I come right out and say it. No point beating around the bush. He’s gotta know I fucked up.

“They all are. It’s their job.” He’s right; it’s their job, but a fucking polygraph to test my stress? I call bullshit.

“The department outsources to different companies. I had no idea what went on until after the fact. Seems to me you received the short end of the stick.” I don’t say anything as I nervously wait for the setback I’ve been expecting all week.

“Is your head in the right space, Hetcherson?” he questions, and it takes everything in me not to say I don’t know.

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. The decision will be made next week. I suggest you think long and hard about what it is you can bring to the team, Hetcherson, because from what I saw today, you have a team ready to follow your lead. It’s only you holding yourself back.” I nod, releasing a quiet and steady breath. “I’ll see you back at headquarters.” He leaves me standing there more confused than what I was last week.

Does this mean I’m being considered, even though I blew my psych evaluation? Or is his warning a preparation for things to come?

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