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The Billionaire’s Favorite Mistake (Billionaires and Bridesmaids #4)(6)
Jessica Clare

But this was Asher. She’d always wanted to be his. Always.

“Damn,” Asher breathed, and his hand skimmed down to brush over the tip of her breast. “I never realized you had such pretty tits.”

Did she? They were small, the nipples dark circles against her bronzed skin. His ex, Donna, had been pale and red-haired, and Greer was brown all over. The fact that he liked the sight of them made her feel ridiculously pleased, like she’d accomplished something. So she arched her back a little. “There’s a lot about me you’ve never noticed.”

“I’ll say.” He pushed her back on the hard concrete bench, and his mouth went to her breast.

Another gasp escaped her because his mouth on her nipple felt incredible . . . for a hot second. Then he bit her. She jerked, pushing him away. “Ow!”

“Did that hurt?” He gave her a wicked grin. “They just look so juicy.”

She didn’t want to stop but . . . she didn’t want more of that, either. “I’m . . . not a fan of teeth.”

He moved in to kiss her on the mouth again. “I’ll do other things you’ll like more, then.”

She turned her head, and he went back to her neck. Greer relaxed. Neck kisses were ten times better than mouth kisses in her book. She lay compliant as his lips moved over her throat, and his hand played with her exposed breast. That was . . . better. It still made her feel strange, but sometimes, when he caressed it right, she felt the intensity tingling in her body.

His hand slid under her skirt a moment later, and pressed against the crotch of her panties. “You’re not very wet, baby.”

“I’m not?” It might have been impolite to point out that he wasn’t a very good kisser. But this was her Asher. His inability to kiss didn’t change the fact that she loved him. They’d learn to get better at it together.

“Maybe you just need a bit more encouraging.” His thumb rubbed her up and down, working her folds through her silky panties.

And that sent all kinds of new sensations spiraling through Greer. Her hands clenched at his tuxedo jacket. Oh. That was way better than mouth kissing.

“You like that?” he whispered.

She nodded.

“Push your legs wider for me, Greer. I’m going to take these panties off you.”

Her thighs quivered at the thought. “Is someone going to come by?”

“Nope. We’re alone out here.” His thumb pushed harder against her, as if trying to penetrate her through her panties, and she felt the curious urge to bear down against him. A little breathy moan escaped her and she let her thighs go wide for him.

A moment later, his hands went under her skirt and then her panties were whisked off her legs. They tangled around one of her heels and he left them there, as if they were no longer a concern. Now she felt completely open and exposed.

And okay, she was kind of hoping he’d put his face down there and finish what he’d started with his fingers.

Instead, he cupped her sex. One finger dipped between her folds and he moved in to kiss her neck again, his fingers brushing back and forth through her folds. It was nice, but he kept missing the most important spot—her clit. It was just something else she’d have to learn to be brave about and show him.

A horrible thought crossed her mind—no wonder Donna left him. If this was how he handled sex and kissing, maybe she’d found someone better? Her poor Asher. She’d have to train him. She held him close. It was okay. She still loved him.

He kept rubbing her folds and pushed a finger inside her. “You ready for me?”

Ready? Ready for what? Surely not sex? Out here? At a party with everyone around? “Asher—”

“Shhh,” he murmured again, and she heard the sound of a zipper going down. “Trust me, Greer?”

Well, of course she trusted him. Even though her instincts were screaming out that this was a bad idea, she put her arms around his neck as he shifted his weight on top of her. “Of course I trust you,” she said softly. “I love you, Asher. I always have. I’ve just been waiting for you to notice me.”

“I noticed you tonight,” he told her as his weight settled between her legs.

Then, he pushed inside her. Surprised, she froze. He was going straight to penetration? No more foreplay? No more rubbing or kisses? She’d been expecting . . . I don’t know, a bit more than this? Greer bit her lip as he pushed into her again.

“Mmm. You’re so beautiful, Greer.” He pumped into her once more, then collapsed on top of her with a groan. His cock slid out of her and she felt wetness slide down her thighs.

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