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The Shell Game (Fox and O'Hare 0.25)(9)
Janet Evanovich, Lee Goldberg

“I’m impressed with how you reacted to the situation,” Jessup said.

Kate blinked her left eye. Her right eye was swollen shut. “You are?”

“Hell yes. It’s when things go bad that you see what an agent is really capable of doing. You stayed cool, you improvised, and, most important of all, you didn’t let up.”

“So you’re not going to transfer me to clerical duty in the FBI field office in Guam?”

“Why would I? This is on me, not you,” he said. “I assigned you to work with him. He fooled me first. Your career won’t take the hit.”

“But he got away from me.”

“That happens,” Jessup said. “You’ll have better luck next time.”

Kate was dizzy with relief. There was going to be a next time. She wasn’t getting kicked out of the Bureau.

“We didn’t know who Nicolas Fox was before this,” Jessup said. “Now we do. As long as I’m SAC here, catching Fox is going to be your primary case.”

Crap on a cracker, Kate thought. He was giving her Fox. She could barely breathe.

“There isn’t another agent in the Bureau who knows him better than you do or has a stronger motivation to hunt him down,” Jessup said. “That makes you uniquely qualified.”

“Thank you, sir.” She rotated her head slightly so she could see him with her one good eye. “You won’t have any regrets.”

Kate left his office and rushed to the ladies’ room. She pressed the ice pack to her eye and sucked in air. She told herself she was a tough FBI agent and she wasn’t going to throw up or faint. She took the ice pack off her eye and looked at herself in the mirror. It wasn’t her first black eye, and probably not her last, but it was ugly all the same. And it was all because of Nick Fox. And she was going to make him pay. She wanted to punch him in the face and kick him down a flight of stairs. She wouldn’t do that, of course, because she was a professional. She was a special agent. She would simply track him to the ends of the earth, arrest him, and see him rot in jail.

She pulled herself up tall, and sashayed out of the ladies’ room and down the hall to her cubicle.

Cosmo was looking over the partition at her. “Boy, you look terrible,” he said. “Did Nick Fox do that to you? I heard he got away with the Klepper collection. I heard he’s real slick. I guess you must feel pretty dumb, huh? Is that why someone sent you the gift basket? Is it so you won’t feel so dumb? Or is it some special occasion? I know it’s not your birthday because I know your birthday and it’s not today.”

Kate looked at her desk. Cosmo was right. Someone had left a gift basket there. It was stuffed with packages of Oreos.

“It was delivered to the reception desk for you,” Cosmo said. “It’s been x-rayed, sniffed for explosives by dogs, and sampled for poison.”

“Sampled?” Kate focused her eye on a package that was open and missing a few cookies. “You had some of my cookies?”

“It was risky, but I thought someone needed to do it. No need to thank me. We’re cubicle mates. That’s what cubicle mates do for each other.”

Kate opened the tiny envelope on the basket and read the handwritten card inside.

I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. Let’s do this again sometime. Nick.

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