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Honour Bound (Highland Magic #2)(8)
Helen Harper

‘You’d better be alive, buster,’ I told him, as I rolled his body to safety and checked for vital signs. I leaned towards his face, peeling up my balaclava until I could feel warm breath on my cheek. He was still with us ‒ for now at least.

‘We’re out of time, Integrity,’ Isla said urgently. ‘We have to go.’

‘Then let’s get out of here,’ I told her with a dark grin.

Chapter Two

Taylor, Lexie, Speck and Brochan, my mentor and old thief buddies who’d followed me here from Aberdeen, were far more interested in what I had to tell them about Debbie than my prowess and death-defying rescue at Aladdin’s Mirror.

‘A giant spider?’ Lexie breathed, her eyes wide as she handed me a mug of hot tea.

‘Just like in Lord of the Rings,’ I said, taking a sip and scalding my mouth. ‘But scarier.’

Brochan threw me an exasperated look. ‘You’re even more of a geek than Speck is.’

I punched him in the arm. ‘By the way, Jimmy says hello.’

The merman’s face took on a distant expression. ‘I can’t believe he’s working for the Carnegies,’ he muttered.

Speck shrugged. ‘What of it? We’re working for the Adairs.’

My jaw tightened. ‘You’re not working for me.’

‘I did make you a cup of tea,’ Lexie pointed out.

‘Out of the goodness of your heart, I’m sure.’

‘If you paid me more, I wouldn’t make it so hot.’

‘I don’t pay you anything,’ I growled.

She winked at me. ‘Exactly.’

‘Enough,’ Taylor broke in. ‘Tell us more about this spider. Would we be able to hold it here? What does it eat?’

‘You mean besides tasty human flesh?’ I sighed. ‘Taylor, the cage wouldn’t fit through the door. In fact, the spider probably wouldn’t fit through the door. She’s massive.’

He rubbed his chin. ‘So ransom is out.’

‘You think?’

He shrugged. ‘It was just an idea. Pickings have been slim since we moved up here.’

I felt a ripple of guilt. My team of ex-thieves had come with me to Oban because of my Sidhe heritage. Like it or not, their lives were tied up with mine and they were vulnerable to the other Clans because of their association with me. It didn’t matter that they were all Clan-less and therefore were barely worth a raised eyebrow under normal circumstances. I might have managed to live under the Sidhe Clans’ radar for well over a decade since I ran away from them as a kid, but those times were long gone. And my friends were guilty by association.

Brochan was more sensitive than he let on. He tapped my arm, his fingers brushing my skin so lightly that I almost thought I’d imagined his touch. ‘It’s not your fault, Tegs.’

‘I know,’ I said with a slight lift of my shoulders. ‘But it doesn’t make me feel any better.’

Speck, fiddling with a circuit board at the back of the room, looked up. ‘Did the spider have an aura?’ he asked curiously.

Taylor frowned at me. ‘You’ve not told them?’

Lexie tilted her head, her blue hair falling to one side across her shoulder. ‘Told us what?’

I held up my fingers. ‘It’s been four months since I learnt how to read auras.’

She nodded. ‘Since you made the Bull your bitch because he told you his true name.’ She was referring to my erstwhile guardian, the Chieftain of Clan Scrymgeour.

I smiled at her. ‘His Gift is aura reading,’ I agreed. ‘He got it along with his true name when he was thirteen years old. I didn’t manage to see auras until I’d … dealt with him.’

‘Shoulda killed him when you had the chance,’ Brochan rumbled.

‘Oh, he’s a prick,’ I agreed, ‘but you know I don’t like violence.’ Taylor beamed at me with the benevolent smile of a father. ‘Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, it just kind of stopped. The aura reading, I mean.’

‘You can’t read auras any more?’

‘Technically, I never could. I could see them but I had no idea what they meant. The ability to see them just faded away.’

Speck pursed his lips. ‘Well, it would make sense. We’re away from the power source of the Clan Lands. If you returned, it’d probably come back.’

I grimaced. ‘I don’t think it works like that. No, it feels like it’s gone for good.’

‘Just like the teleportation?’

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